In 2013, HanoiScrum had a program Agile4U that brought Agile to universities to enlarge our Agile community. We think that the IT students who will work in the modern projects should know Agile as soon as possible and aware the software development process trend because their courses are full of traditional approach and no longer updated.

As the main in charged person of this program, I had some talks in several universities such as University of Engineer and Technology (National university, Hanoi), University of Science and Technology of Ha Noi… etc. I used to use this presentation that was built by Tan Trong Duong and me with some customisations for the specific talks by the case study or game.

After a year, we decided to stop this program because I was so busy (the talk was short, but it took a lot of time to contact and organise an event in an university with a lot of ugly stuffs, especially in procedures). But the main reason is its values. I saw that it brought a little values to the students because most of them didn’t have any experience in the real project within a process. Then it’s so hard to show how better Agile is than traditional approach. They might be impressed by my performance and the strange content but traditional methods seem much more easy to understand and believe on.

But I’m considering to restart this program because the universities seem different right now with a lot of students have the longer internship time in the real on-job-training work and they can see the issues of traditional approach in the real project and maybe finding an alternative way. Do you think so? Or are you interested in an Agile course instead of an introduction talk? If you are a student, please throw me your opinion, I’m very happy to spend my time to make this course go live.

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