guruA normal but cool guru who always wants to treat his normal but complicated life by the normal but simple think.

I started my career from 2006 as a software developer in several small to big companies. I had a long time work at FPT university as a lecturer before started my current journey as general manager at Planday, Hanoi office in 2013.

But I’m still a normal developer who loves daily coding.

As a normal guru, I love 24-coding-hours and see it as a developer’s must-have skill.

As a cool guru, I love the simple think and see it as a developer’s must-have mindset.

I started blogging some years ago but mostly keep my messed posts private but I think it’s time for sharing these stuffs. Then I published this blog from July 1st, 2015 as one item of my backlog and a gift for my first son when he said Hello World. I will keep this site updated by at least 1 new posts a week, mostly in IT area. My old posts will be moved from various old blogging sites to this domain and kept their dates as well but you can get the notification on my Facebook.

I hope that you could find some useful information here, don’t hesitate to reach me by the contact form or on Facebook, LinkedIn, Github.

Keep it simple. Be a guru.

Hit me 🙂